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  1. I purchased this module a week age, and I’m very pleased with it.
    The only think that I have a negative about it, is the angle of view When
    standing, there is a slight haze, and to the side. Could you recommend
    a bluetoot keyboard modle for the this TV. Please.

    Best regards
    Terrance Ferri (

  2. Where are the component inputs on this television? I own it and have looked at the back and sides and cannot find them at all, I feel like I’m going crazy, this review is the only place that even shows that part of the TV at all

  3. Compontent inputs are towards the bottom of the vertical line of inputs facing the left edge of the TV, on the left rear. The photo in the review above shows a multicoloured compontent input sticker on the back face, and the RCA compontent input sockets are adjacent.

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